Find an exponentially more satisfying life by leveraging your intuition to express your unique personality through our personal expression workshops. We help women who seek a higher level of joy and purpose. Structured to foster a unified message through physical, mental, and emotional transformation, each workshop inspires and motivates through proprietary techniques, tools, and a unique community of supportive coaches. Your joy is only limited by your own fears. Discover how to live life to its fullest by expressing your values and purpose in every aspect. Our life coaches will help crumble the walls of limiting beliefs and negative self-talk.

Signature Style Workshops

Build confidence by expressing yourself through a unique signature style. Recognizing the link between who you are and how you show up will help you to manifest your purpose. Our certified life coaches and style consultants will guide you through our proprietary system of style development and help you to identify what you need for your most ideal future while letting go of the past.

Body Awareness Workshops

Your consistent life companion is your body. It is the home that never changes, and yet we feel separated from it. At Be you. Live big. we inspire women to find peace and comfort in this long-time friend through understanding, learning, and acceptance. Learn to override damaging messages from internal and external sources, and begin to see the joys of a deep connection of the mind, spirit, and body. Our unique system, helmed by confidence coaches, guides you to find the truth about you and feel more grounded in your most reliable home, your body.

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