We at Be you. Live big. believe that there is power in your personality, and by leaning into who you are, you will find a level of peace, satisfaction, and accomplishment that is unparalleled. However, we also recognize that life can get in the way of this deeper connection, and sometimes finding your way back to who you are is a maze that is difficult to navigate.

Our founder, Annette Fritsch, was disconnected. She was hating a job that she actually loved. She felt dissatisfied by the day to day, even though life was by all measures, “pretty good.” She was forty and her body was changing, her needs were changing, and yet she couldn’t find the path back to joy. And so she spent a year searching and learning. By combining experts in all areas of fitness, life coaching, image consulting, resilience coaching, speech, communications, she found her way back to living fully. Now, she works with experts in all fields to bring integrated life coaching programs so that you will find the path back to you and an inner guide to keep moving forward.

Our core belief is that by fully expressing who you are, you will manifest joy and peace. We offer programs that are a unique approach to help you to master your personal expression. Your intuition will become your guide through and you will begin to see your journey clearly. Additionally, you will have a supportive team of lifestyle and life skills coaches committed to keeping you accountable while helping you to remove blocks that hinder your progress.

The Four Pillars upon which we have built the Be You. Live Big program are:


The first step to living your personal expression is to get back in touch with your intuition, values and motivations. By looking inside, you will be able to align your course self. There is intense power in harnessing your personality, and with a deep intuitive understanding of your personality, you will have a clear path by which to function in the world. Through focused and honest introspection, we are able to help you create an honest, goal-oriented vision of what your best life looks like.


When you walk into a room, you create an immediate impact of your message. Your message is your values, your loves, creativity, wants, and energy for life. To do this authentically, you must tap into your intuition. Know what you want from each day, from each outfit, from your posture and from your attitude. Your expression is the packaging to your personality, and it is only powerful when it is truthful and brave.


Your life purpose is about how you choose to spend your time. Through clarity you will eliminate fear and frustration, gaining the bravery you need to focus and live your daily life according to your values. Your life purpose is formed from using your personality as a beacon for your intuition. And through this, you will amplify your purpose with undeniable clarity and gain the power to walk confidently on your path.


To live the power of your personality, you must create a lifestyle that supports your core values and beliefs. Listen to your intuition, it will guide you to create an environment that supports a connection to who you are. This means that not only your home, but how you move through your day is aligned to your core beliefs and values.