“To say that Nicky completely changed my life is an understatement. Before her coaching, I was a woman without much direction, confidence, or ambition. I was consumed by financial struggle, existential anxiety, and entirely too much wasted free time.

Nicky taught me that I didn’t have to settle for a life that I didn’t love. Together, we looked at my energy levels, my interests, and we found the areas that I could improve upon.

Through her coaching, I realized that I had more potential than I ever knew. I took guided steps to reach my new goals, and she was not surprised at all when I reached them in no time. Along with confidence, poise, and drive, I now have my dream job in New York City. None of this would have been possible without Nicky, and for her I am forever grateful.”

– Alysson Tundra

Life Coach at Be you. Live big. LLC and Founder, Morph Your LIfe

British native, American citizen. Ex supporter of status quo. Lover of change, in shifts and strides.

I am passionate and fascinated by communication, how we interact with the world around us and the dialogue and the stories that we tell ourselves. I help people drive or manage change to gain control of their lives. I’m passionate about creating tangible differences so clients face their future with clarity, confidence and excitement.

Educational background in Psychology from the University of Nottingham. And fifteen frenetic years in the advertising industry, where I met some huge characters and came across some dramatic leadership styles.

My Signature Style is edgy casual.