“Devon is an amazing coach. She helped me in a succinct session pinpoint a plan of action that I had been avoiding for quite some time. Her caring approach made it seem like progress was possible!”

– Emily St Martin

“Devon is a very warm and thoughtful coach. Her ability of creating a safe and peaceful environment was quite impressive and super helpful for me. I enjoyed working with her a lot and always felt good and motivated after speaking with her. I highly recommend Devon for anyone who wants an accountable and trustworthy coach!”

– Xiaoyang Li

“Devon is a knowledgeable and realistically strategic coach. Working at your pace, Devon listens intently then matter of factly suggests approachable steps that you can’t help but take. She’s a natural at brainstorming, problem solving, and authentic encouragement. I highly recommend working with her if you are looking to get to a higher level in your life and career.”

– Beth Knaus

Life Coach at Be you. Live big. LLC and Purpose-led Career Coach at Devon Grilly, Coach on Fire

I have survived and thrived multiple career changes and I understand the cycle of burnout and transition. I am an engineer, teacher, mother, coach, and entrepreneur. I am a spiritual seeker, mindfulness educator, and master Reiki practitioner. I straddle the worlds of logic and intuition comfortably. I’m also a total nerd.

My coaching is about aligning with your purpose and passion while creating a sustainable career path that is uniquely yours. I help clients uncover the stories that are holding them back by being the calm and safe space they need to unravel their Truth and embrace their most authentic self.

My signature style is casual boho meets punk soccer mom, somewhere between Stevie Nicks and P!ink.