Founder and Group Coach, Be you. Live big. LLC

You could say that I had a pretty great life. I woke every day and went to a job that challenged me and gave me joy. I had a house, car, and the freedom to travel. Even had a husband who was my best friend, but I wasn’t happy.
I was overwhelmed. Overworked. Trapped. I knew there was more out there, but I couldn’t see my way out.  I wanted to do something drastic. Make a change just for the sake of change. Something to make me feel alive again, but I knew that was not the best choice for my happiness.

So I made the choice to balance the scales. Focusing on health and wellness of the body, mind, spirit and senses, I learned how to find freedom and love without running away. I found me again.

And I am not less busy. I am not in a new home, job or marriage. But I am free. The freedom came from leaning into who I am and allowing my intuition to guide me.

I invite you to find you again.


“Truly judgment-free zone: Annette was able to remove all judgment and doubt in my situation. Rather than feeling guilty or ashamed for my thoughts, Annette took the situation and discussed several viewpoints. Annette’s patience and ability to listen puts the client at ease. I am lucky to know Annette and will reach out to her for future conflicts.”

– Carla (Boston, MA)

“Annette was my coach for approximately 3 months earlier this year. She has a calm and caring style, and an ability to help her client find direction from within. She’s amazing!”

– Kristen (Boston, MA)