Life gets more and more complicated as we get older. From play dates to juice boxes, Saturday morning cartoons and feeding the pet fish — life gradually transitions into homework, work deadlines, dieting, Saturday morning house cleaning, and raising kids. With each new year, the list of life’s responsibilities seems to get longer and longer. Many of us find ourselves asking where did the fun times go? Where did the time in general go? Where did my life go?

At Be You. Live Big, our team of life skills coaches want to help you find — and maintain — balance in your life. We have busy lives too, we feel the mountain of stress that mornings can bring when a child won’t eat and dumps a bowl of cereal on the floor. We feel the melancholy that gets stirred up some Friday nights when you remember being able to go out with friends instead of planning your grocery list for the next day. But we’ve come to understand that those mornings, those melancholy feelings, are simply a valley in the mountainous ups and downs that is our life. Even in the midst of a chaotic week — there is a balance to be found — you can get in your Saturday morning cartoons while still having an adult life with responsibilities.

Make a List of Priorities

We can tell ourselves every day that spending time alone is a priority, but until we actually take the time, it’s just another thing that makes us resent what is keeping us from actually spending time alone. Making a physical list of our priorities is a great way to set in stone the things we want for ourselves and our lives. Put the list somewhere visible — on the fridge door, on your bathroom mirror, or on the dashboard of your car. Seeing what your priorities are will be a daily reminder of what’s important, making it easier for those things to get the time they deserve.

Expect the Unexpected

This is what life is all about right? It’s not unusual for something unexpected to happen nearly every day. Whether it’s something bad (a flat tire, a missed meeting, or a sick kid), or something good (flowers from a significant other, positive recognition at work, or a friendly new neighbor), take what life surprises you with and face it, cherish it, and make the most of it! It’s when you’re not expecting these surprises, especially the bad ones, is when it can really throw your balance off.

Change Your Mindset

Easier said than done, we know, but when you are able to change how you think about certain things, or how you react to certain things, it’s surprising how much of an impact this can have. If you get some constructive criticism at work, use it to your advantage. Whatever occurs in life, take some time to look at the bigger picture.

Be Mindful of Your Health

Many people can rely on coffee to get them through the day, but is there an underlying problem that could be a larger issue? With a busy life, our sleep, our diet, our exercise routine often gets put on the back burner in order to make time for work, family, and daily chores. But when you are not healthy, when you are not making your health a priority, are you really able to fully help those around you?

Set Time For Your Relationships

Finding balance is about coming to terms with a life full of ups and downs, right? But even among the revolving door of chaos and calm, there still needs to be something constant that you can rely on. For many people, relationships act as a constant that you can depend on no matter what. But relationships, like your health, need time and effort in order to help maintain them. Even though actual face-to-face time is ideal, a quick text to a friend when you’re feeling low and need a boost or a laugh, may be exactly what you, and they, need.

Make an Effort to Find the Humor

We say “make an effort” because finding humor in life can be really hard sometimes. Sometimes all you want is to just fight everyone, get mad, and criticize everything that comes across your path, but hopefully, you can see how this can lead you down a rabbit hole of anger and hurt. Watch a comedy movie, laugh about tripping on the sidewalk instead of getting frustrated, giggle to yourself about the typo in a work email instead of feeling resentful toward the writer. Life truly is full of laughter and joy, it just takes some training to see it. But when you do, it can be an incredibly powerful tool to get you through the most difficult days.

Crying, laughing; love, hate; joy and sadness — finding balance is experiencing it all and still coming out of the mix with your head high.

Be You. Live Big, as our name suggests, is about living a life that is truly yours! And leading a life that is full — full of struggle, of stress, joy, laughter, busyness, messiness, and love. When you work with a life skills coach, we can work together to help you understand what balance means for your life, how to achieve balance, and how to maintain it. Sure, there will be lows, but a life coach is one relationship that you can rely on.

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