1. What Yoga Can Do For Your Life

    There’s a good chance that you woke up this morning and stretched your arms up over your head and your legs long, squeezing your toes together, maybe you stood up and bent to one side and then the other. You may not realize it, but if this is your morning routine, you’re doing yoga! Every time y…Read More

  2. Finding Balance in Life

    Life gets more and more complicated as we get older. From play dates to juice boxes, Saturday morning cartoons and feeding the pet fish — life gradually transitions into homework, work deadlines, dieting, Saturday morning house cleaning, and raising kids. With each new year, the list of life’s r…Read More

  3. Dance Like There’s Nobody Watching

    You’ve probably heard the phrase “dance like there’s nobody watching.” But have you thought about what it’s really saying? Dancing to your favorite song and not caring about rhythm or steps is fun, but it’s clearly so much more than that. The phrase is simply saying that you should live …Read More

  4. How to Take Charge of Your Life

    Our lives don’t always go as planned — you don’t always get the promotion you wanted, the house you put an offer on was sold to someone else, turns out you really don’t enjoy teaching (or any given career) as much as you thought you did, turns out that best friends do come and go. There’s …Read More