When you sign up for a life coaching programs with Be You, Live Big, you’ll have the opportunity to work with a personal shopper. At first look, a personal shopper might seem like an extravagance. Who needs a personal shopper, anyway? 

The fact is, even people who enjoy shopping for clothing will often take advantage of the opportunity to work with a personal shopper. For instance, someone who knows what they like in casual clothing or cocktail attire might have trouble deciding just what makes them look best when in a business situation. 

When you work with someone who helps women look their best every day, you’re sure to up your fashion game. But don’t worry, you don’t have to leave your own style behind; professional image and style consultants can take the style you’re comfortable with and work with it. Not only that, but such consultants are dedicated to making the most of your time and money, all while making you look your best. Here are four things you’ll save by working with a personal shopper.

You’ll Save Time

Do you enjoy shopping for clothing? Maybe, maybe not, we’re certainly not going to reinforce any stereotypes here. Shopping can be a joy for some women and a pain for others, but nobody wants to spend more time shopping than necessary. After all, taking the step forward with a life coach often means your time will be better used in other ways: making career plans, preparing for interviews, and taking life coaching programs.

When you work with a personal shopper, she’ll be able to save you so much time. After all, shopping clothing normally has four distinct time-sucks: 

Finding the Right Store: Do you even know what stores cater to your particular needs anymore? Stores and brands come and go, some focusing on teens while others chase the twenty-somethings. Are those stores even worth looking at? Why drive around to a dozen stores that might not even make clothing that’s right for you? A personal shopper will start you off in the right store so that your chances of success are automatically elevated.

Picking Clothes: It’s so easy — and frustrating — to wander around a store and not know where to start. When you work with a personal shopper, they can help you focus on the clothing that’s only relevant to your style and clothing needs.

Asking For Sizes: When you shop alone, there’s only one thing you can do at a time. But when you work with a personal shopper, she can hunt down the store’s employees and find the right sizes while you try on the next clothing combo.

Trying on Clothes: There’s no shortcut to trying on clothes and no way to speed it up…except to try on fewer clothes in the first place! A personal shopper will help you eliminate clothing options before you even try them on, giving you insights regarding what will and won’t work for you so that you don’t have to waste time in the dressing room.

You’ll Save Frustration

Do you know what makes you look good? Just as important, do you know what’s in style this season? It can take a lot of time (there’s that time again) and effort just to keep up with what clothing styles are drawing the most eyes this year. Trying to stay on top of fashion is something that few people can successfully do, while many other women simply end up frustrated.

You can kiss that frustration goodbye when you work with a professional personal shopper. Personal shoppers can stay on top of what’s fashionable and have an eye on where trends are heading, ensuring that your clothing won’t be out of style anytime soon. They’ll also be able to point out exactly what is and isn’t working on your body without you having to strain your neck looking in a mirror. If you’re tired of heading into the dressing room and getting frustrated every time you ask yourself, “Does this shirt go with these slacks?” then working with a personal shopper can help you avoid such problems.

You’ll Save Money

Have you ever had such a hard time choosing between two pieces of clothing that you just give up and buy both of them? You’ve already spent more time in the store than you anticipated and you’re getting frustrated, and it just makes more sense to get out of the store. Unfortunately, many of us end up buying too much due to a single word: uncertainty. We’re not sure what we should buy, so we often end up buying too much in order to ensure we get what’s right for us.

When you work with a personal shopper as part of a life coaching program, uncertainty goes away and you’ll only buy the stuff that you’ll actually use. A personal shopper will know what’s best to say no to, helping you eliminate possibilities before and after you try them on. You’ll only go home with what you’ll want to wear!

You’ll Save Time and Money…Again!

As we just discussed, if you don’t work with a personal shopper you might end up with too many clothes at home. Many of us never get around to returning those unused clothes to the store, so we either wear them anyway (which doesn’t give us the full confidence we desire) or just donate them to a local charity outright. 

If you do end up keeping the receipts and getting back to the store in time, what is that costing you? Time! You have to drive to the store, walk in, wait in line at customer service, and go through the process of returning everything while hoping that they don’t find some reason to reject you. Then on the way out, you might browse the racks looking for something that’s better than anything you found two weeks ago. More time wasted! And if you end up buying something that you only kind of like, you’ll end up wasting more money.

Ready To Save Yourself Some Precious Resources?

We know that you don’t want to waste your time and money, and we could all do with fewer unnecessary frustrations in our lives. If that’s what you’re looking for, then working with a personal shopper might be exactly what you’re looking for.

But first things first! Before you work with an image consultant, success coach, or professional stylist, why not get a professional overarching view of what a life makeover can look like. All you need to do is click this link to check out the best life coaching programs available. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you get your life exactly where you want it!