So you want to own the room. You want to walk in and be remembered the next day, week, month….heck, year! You want to be that person who fills the space and draws attention. Why wouldn’t you?

Owning a room is essential for being successful in any situation, whether it’s walking into a parent-teacher conference or giving a big presentation to the executives at work. To own the room means that you convey an aura of unmistakable presence, and that attitude is contagious.

But you don’t have to be the most confident, the most successful, the most intelligent, or the most beautiful to own a room. What you need is to cultivate charisma, and charisma comes from accessing your most authentic self and having it be the light that bursts forth. With a confident ownership of your unique self, you will stand taller and smile from within. (A confidence coach — which in many ways is what your life coach is — can certainly help.)


Anyway, there are some simple steps to make yourself more magnetic. The first is posture. Take a moment to stand up straight. Place your feet under your hips. Pull up with your chest while centering your hips over your legs. This forces your middle section to stretch out, you become taller. Drop your shoulders and lift your head to balance on your neck. In this position, you are balanced and graceful. Own your space!

Know What You Want

Next, and before you walk into the room, know what you want. Take a few breaths and ask yourself, “what do I want out of this experience?” Knowing how you define “success” will help to drive you towards it.


Lastly, smize! That’s not a typo…smile with your eyes, thank you Tyra Banks. People are drawn to an inner light. You will need to activate your joy from inside and shine that out. You deserve to own the room. You are unique! Look around with a small smile or an even smaller smize, but send out smiles to all around you. It seems weird, but it works.

So next time you have that big meeting, or just a regular old workout class, take a breath, stand up straight, figure out your intention for the meeting and smile from the inside. You will own that room with ease!

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