Do you ever feel that you’re not quite being honest?

If so, you’re not alone. And we’re not talking about lying when you leave a five-star Uber review when the driver was “just okay,” or trying to convince a police officer you weren’t speeding. We’re talking about the lack of honesty that can affect the way you live your life, the ways you’re not quite being truthful to yourself and those around you about what you truly want.

Many people we work with have a hard time truly being honest. It’s not because they’re inherently dishonest in any way. It’s just that they’re just…well, they’re just people! They’re not doing it for any selfish purpose. In fact, many times they’re not being honest for the exact opposite reason: they’re trying to help others. But by helping others, they’re actually not doing themselves any favors.

Opening up and being honest is one of the most important things you can do as you’re hoping to grow with the help of a professional life coach. Here are three situations in which you should definitely speak up and let people know what is inside you.

Be Honest With Yourself

You are, by far, the most important person to be honest with. Until you admit to yourself that something just doesn’t feel right in your life, there’s very little chance that anything is ever going to change. 

What prevents people from being honest with themselves? We could (and will) write an entire blog about that someday, but most of the time they simply don’t want to upset the status quo. Here’s the thought process that many people go through: 

“Things are good right now. Changing things could make them better, but could just as easily make them worse. It’s best to just leave things as they are and try to be happy with good.”

What they don’t realize is that the good of today will often slide into mind-numbing sadness in the near future.

When you realize that something in your life just isn’t the way you want it to be, that’s the beginning of being honest with yourself. Taking a workshop with a life coach is an excellent start to improving your life. Please don’t think that you have to have everything figured out before you reach out to a professional life coach. You just have to…

Be Honest With Your Life Coach

If you’re being honest with yourself, is there really any need for a life coach? After all, being honest with yourself is the most important aspect, right?

We won’t argue, being honest with yourself is truly important. But once you have started being honest with yourself and your life coach, how are you going to act on it? Being honest with yourself is a huge step, and it can change your life, but without acting on it you could just slip back into your normal life that isn’t making you fulfilled. By working with a life coach — and being honest with them in the same way you’re being honest with yourself — you’ll move forward with your life and get closer to your goals. 

Here’s something else to think about. Just because you’re being more honest with yourself doesn’t mean you’ve uncovered every desire that’s in your heart. When you work with a life coach, she’ll be able to help you learn even more about what you truly want. For instance, you might finally admit to yourself that you are burned out on your career and want a change. But what if, deeper down, you still can’t admit to yourself that you want to take a few years away from working at all? Or just the opposite; what if you haven’t yet admitted to yourself that the reason you’re so unhappy with your career is that it’s the wrong one for you? Being honest about one thing isn’t the same as being honest about everything, and being honest about everything is something that a success coach can help with.

Be Honest With Other People

When we say that you should be honest with other people, do we mean everyone in your life? Probably not. But there are some people to whom you should open up about what you’re really looking for in life.

First of all, be honest with your spouse. Because you’re so close to them, it could be the most difficult conversation you have. You’re probably scared that they might have the same status quo thoughts that we made above: “Things are good, why change them?” But an understanding spouse will be interested in keeping your need for a better future above the status quo. In the end, it’s important to be open and honest with them early in the journey so that they can help the family prepare for any changes that might come along. 

You might also seek out support from your friends, so honesty will most likely be the best policy with them as well. They’re going to notice a change in your life as you open yourself to new possibilities, so it’s probably best to let them know that something is up in your life.

Do you have to reveal your secret hopes and dreams to everyone you run into? Does being honest mean that you should march into your boss’ office on Monday morning and say, “I’m not happy with any of this and you can expect me to leave soon”? Probably not. There will be times to reveal your plans to others as you grow with your life coach, and you can decide together just how much to reveal to others.

Take The Change of a Lifetime!

Trust us, we know: being honest can be difficult. It’s a big step, but it’s one that has to be taken if you’re going to fulfill your true potential. 

If you’re ready to take full advantage of your newfound freedom and being honest with yourself and others, Be You, Live Big is ready to help. Click here to learn more about our life coaching programs and workshops!