When you work with a life coach, it’s not all about talking yourself into a better life, and it’s not all about dressing for success with the help of a fashion consultant. While those aspects of life coaching programs at vital, the way you talk and the way you look should also accompany the way you move.

Some people just command attention when they walk into a room. In fact, we just wrote a blog about it and how a change to posture can help you command more attention. We want the same for you, and the way you move can certainly help you get what you want out of life and make sure that people remember you. With the help of our movement coach Ingvild Molenaar, you’ll be moving forward! Here are a few ways in which working on your posture and the way you move can have a significant positive impact on your life when working with a life coach. 

You’ll Have More Confidence

When Hollywood wants to portray someone who’s not confident, they’ll often put them in nerdy clothing and have them wear unflattering glasses. But the physicality of the actor is often the same: hunched shoulders, uncertain movements, and an awkward way of moving are often used to convey to others that the person just doesn’t have any confidence. 

While there’s a hefty amount of stereotyping in that, those physical characterizations will often have an effect on those you interact with. If you look small, people will subconsciously talk down to you. If you don’t move with purpose, people will treat you like you’re lost. Standing straight and moving purposefully can help you command a room.

The truth is, short people can tower over others — presence-wise, at least. Who do you think commands a room when Danny DeVito steps in? That’s right, Danny DeVito! Showing confidence in who you are and what you do can simply be key to making sure you get what you want out of situations.

You’ll Create a Feedback Loop

When you act confident, two things are happening. First of all, you’re feeling more confident in yourself. As you feel more confident, you stand up a little bit straighter and feel more confident…which makes you stand up straighter, and so on. Not only will you stand up straighter, but you’ll stand up straighter for longer periods of time without having to consciously remind yourself to do so. It will simply become second nature to you.

Second, when you have more confidence in your movement, people notice and will talk to you in a more respectful manner. That can give you further confidence as conversations go your way. That’s all because…

People Will Take You More Seriously

We’ve already touched on it, but let’s mention it again: people will take you more seriously when you are more confident in the way you stand and walk. They’re more likely to listen to what you have to say, because — say it with me — you’re speaking with confidence

Because people will generally see you before they speak with you, your movement can be your first impression on them. Make it a great impression!

Movement Can Be So Much

At Be You, Live Big, we truly believe that the way you move can be life-changing. While it’s far from the only skill that you’ll gain by working with a life coach, it can certainly help to complement your growth.

If you’d like to learn more about how movement can positively affect your path, we’d love to talk with you about it. Click here to ask us questions or to sign up for our upcoming life coaching programs!